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Some automakers, including BMW, also add a touchpad where you can trace letters or numbers to bring up contacts or navigation addresses.It’s still not always easy to write a letter that doesn’t look like you’ve done it with an Etch A Sketch toy, but the systems are getting better at deciphering wobbly characters.Spin your fingers in a circle and you’ll turn the stereo volume up or down, while pointing accepts an incoming phone call, and a dismissive swipe rejects it.Finally, pointing two fingers at the screen brings up whatever function you’ve specifically programmed for it, such as changing the radio station or returning to the main menu.Many automakers are also migrating to a tablet-style screen, which sits on top of the dash rather than lower in the centre stack, including on the new 7 Series.Consumers are torn on the styling — many think it looks tacked-on — but it keeps your eyes up when you’re looking at it, so you’re still seeing at least some of what’s going on outside the windshield.Thanks to the speed at which technology development occurs, infotainment systems generally change much sooner than other automotive features.

The camera captures the hand movement and relays that to the infotainment system, which analyzes it and then performs the appropriate action.Another benefit is that since designers don’t have to dedicate a large chunk of the centre stack to a screen, they can make the dash lower, which in turn makes the interior look roomier and helps improve visibility.Gesture Control is currently only available on the top-line 7 Series, but it’s expected to eventually show up in other BMW models.That’s the norm for many new technologies, which are expensive to develop and are offered initially on pricier models, until volume production brings the price down. When voice control first came out, drivers had to go through a laborious process of repeating a series of specific words and phrases for the computer to recognize each voice.Some systems still require drivers to use specific phrases, or to input navigation destinations one line at a time when prompted, but many now recognize natural speech and are continually getting better at it.

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    This is my 4th clean install, driver updating and essential app installation and still Windows Update refuses to work. Once its back up and running, run the update your just DL(make sure not to connect to internet until update has finished .

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