Victoria is dating changmin of dbsk

3 Miembro: Jaejoong (Hero Jaejoong) fue el tercero en integrarse a las filas del grupo.

Jaejoong dejó su hogar en Chungnam para dirigirse a Seúl y buscar suerte en la carrera que deseaba seguir.

" and Yunho called Changmin out for suddenly picking up a water bottle (in Korea thirst is a sign of jealousy, "burning heart"). Let's not kid anyone she picked Leeteuk second because he was pestering her to and she was trying to be nice.

They've barely ever interacted and when they did it was always him creeping on her and her having a "hmm no thanks" vibe.

Really I think of all the guys she's shipped with Changmin's the only one that matches her on a mental level.

They're quick and clever but also deep thinkers and aware about the world.

Honestly saying I have shipped Seohyun so many times with some other guys just because she's so shipable but Chang Seo was one of the strongest maybe because when you watch their videos on You Tube you feel the connection there's "spark" cause unlike with the other guys Seohyun does reciprocate what Changmin does to her but not to others. I have heard rumors about Seohyun and Changmin being in a "getting to know each other" stage circa 2012. Second, this what we call moment here I'm so sure he's looking at Seohyun right? So whenever I speak to younger singers, I always tell them to date secretly.A la vez este, reluce su deseo de ser el 'héroe' de la música coreana.4 Miembro: Shim Changmin (Max Changmin) había sido agrupado con los participantes menores en la audición.Yunho defended himself by saying, “Standing beside the long-neck, tall-legged Changmin gives me a lot of pressure,” and received a few teases from the guest stars.He then honestly professed, “Because of that, I have always been using show lifts.” Changmin then added, “It’s not just an ordinary shoe lift, because it’s like he’s walking on air,” to which Yunho attacked with, “Changmin uses those occasionally too!

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I told the staff of the quality, but they misunderstood me and thought that it was great, so I stood on the stage without them fixing it.” He added, “Because of that, I was really frustrated as I couldn’t make out anything, but due to the confusion, my anger turned into an explosive charismatic stage.” Changmin also revealed, “Up until this year, during the 8 years that I have debuted, I have always stuffed myself with food to reduce the pressure.

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