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This leads to unrealistic prediction, misguided results and a loss of the integrity of the model.Verification is the process that ensures that the model is producing or predicting the right outcomes based on the relationships of input variables and output variables that are built into the model.

After the model was created, the team ran the model until reaching a steady state and found that there is an excessive queue in front of Machine B, but none in front of Machine C.He finds that the server serves each customer at a constant rate of three minutes per customer. To validate this model, the modeler would conduct a time study when a customer, Jessica, arrives at the stand.For five different instances, the modeler observes there are 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 customers in the line.After that, the team builds a model using simulation software.Based on the data that was collected and statistically analyzed, the team found that the processing time of Machine A is normally distributed with a mean of 5 minutes and a standard deviation of 1 minute, Machine B has a constant processing time of 1.5 minutes and Machine C has a constant processing time of ten minutes.

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A model is created in order to understand relationships among independent variables or inputs (s).

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