Updating slackware 12

Updating slackware 12

When you want some software that's not in the repo for either distro, you can step outside the official channels. Libre Office is now in "Extra", due to size constraints.KISS principle, 32 and bit, tarball-based package management, text install, config file editing is expected in administration, KDE.A few of the programs Slackware provides to manage packages includes The tool that we're going to use when updating packages from the Security Advisories is upgradepkg.To update Slackware we can check two places; email and the Slackware Security Advisories website. Earlier in this tutorial you signed up for the Slackware mailing lists. If you don't want to download updates one at a time then you may use wget to download all the updates at once. Open a terminal and "su" to root.#wget ftp://localmirrors/path To Slack12/slackware/slackware-12.0/patches/packages/*.tgz3. That way you won't have to unnecessarily update the same package again. As long as the signature matches the one in the web page you can continue.However, both kinds of tools have many commonalities.Since they cannot radically change the GPL, they are offered the opportunity to provide their own license and have it certified by this organization.The difference between Slackware package management and other Linux distributions like Ubuntu is in how each OS deals with dependencies.Slackware doesn't do dependency checking while Ubuntu does.

New kernel and new perl and all 25 related per modules Brasero CD Burning is back.

I had VMWare installed and running for quite some time on Slack 11.0, it would seem the 11.0-12.0 upgrade has caused this problem.

The error I get when calling 'vmware', is:/usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware: error while loading shared libraries: libgnomevfs-20: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I have attempted to locate how to install libgnomevfs and that came to no avail, I found a source package to compile the library but it has a large amount of dependencies (I would assume gnome packages), considering I don't use gnome and never have I can't imagine that the problem is as 'simple' as needing libgnomevfs.

Select a mirror in the file /etc/slackpkg/mirrors, read the man page and away you go.

Now sudo is being used usually through a YAD gui dialog to perform many unreachable functions.

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