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Contexts: phrases annihilator operator: Denoted [] with a lag operator polynomial in the brackets.

Has the effect of removing the terms with an L to a negative power; that is, future values in the expression.

Source: Tirole, p 136 Contexts: IO AFQT: Armed Forces Qualifications(? AGI does not include any accounting for deductions from income that reduce the tax due, e.g. Contexts: public finance; labor agricultural economics: "Agricultural Economics is an applied social science that deals with how producers, consumers, and societies use scarce resources in the production, processing, marketing, and consumption of food and fiber products." (from Penson, Capps, and Rosson (1996), as cited by Hallam 1998).Contexts: econometrics; estimation a fortiori: Latin for "even stronger". Could be interpreted to mean "in the same way." Contexts: phrases a priori: It is always used in the phrase "a priori" often shown in italics because it is not English, but comes from Latin. It may come from the formal logic of proof in mathematics, developed over hundreds of years by people who knew Latin.In the economics context "a priori" means "it is assumed in advance". It may have also a more precise meaning than I said there but I am sure this is clear enough to help.Contexts: auctions; micro theory; modelling affine: adjective, describing a function with a constant slope.Distinguished from linear which sometimes is meant to imply that the function has no constant term; that it is zero when the independent variables are zero.

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