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IDTT orders delineate travel and per diem entitlements only.Performance of ATPs, RMPs, or AFTPs must follow existing rules for accounting. Per reference (b), IDT is prohibited in imminent danger areas and Imminent Danger Pay (IDP) is not authorized for IDTT orders. Provide IPRs (unit or individual, as appropriate) for each day of IDTT.Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) will forward billing statements for SGLI premiums to VTU members. Members in the Active Status Pool (ASP) may be considered for assignment to a VTU if qualified. Officers in Restricted Line and Staff Corps communities which have specialized VTUs (e.g.Members must meet medical retention standards and be screened for eligibility and approved by NAVPERS (PERS-911/913). Intelligence and Judge Advocate General Corps) will be assigned to their appropriate community-specific VTU when it is within Do D reasonable commuting distance from their home of record even when it is not the closest VTU to their home of record.

June 12 Page 1 of 13 RESPERSMAN OTHER INACTIVE DUTY TRAINING AND INACTIVE DUTY Responsible Office COMNAVRESFORCOM (N11) Phone: DSN COMM FAX (757) (757) References (a) BUPERSINST F (b) Do D Instruction (c) 10 U. C (d) SECNAVINST D (e) Do D Instruction (f) BUPERSINST C (g) Do D Financial Management Regulation (Do DFMR) Vol 7A 1. Other Inactive Duty Training (IDT) and Inactive Duty include additional drills, Inactive Duty Training Travel (IDTT), Flexible (FLEX) IDT drill option, incremental accrual of IDT, telecommuting, Funeral Honors Duty (FHD), and the Training in Medical Specialty/Critical Medical Specialty (TMS/CMS) flex drill option. Reference (b) establishes policy for authorizing and scheduling additional IDT periods.Drill pay will not be authorized on a travel day unless the member provides documentation that work/class was conducted on the travel day.Upon return from IDTT, the member must ensure that all IPRs are returned to the NRA for proper adjudication. All drills must be scheduled prior to departing on IDTT orders. The Flexible (FLEX) Inactive Duty Training (IDT) drill option offers added June 12 Page 4 of 13 flexibility for members to best meet the requirements of their supported command while completing their Fiscal Year (FY) IDT requirements.(1) Unit COs ensure a letter/memorandum identifying Sailor and drill allocation is retained in Unit IDT Folder at the NRA. Individual limits of additional IDT periods (1) Additional Training Periods (ATPs) provide units and individuals the ability to complete additional required training.Per reference (b), the number of these training periods shall not exceed 36 each fiscal year for any member.

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(2) Additional Flying and Flight Training Periods (AFTPs) provide aircrew members additional flight training to achieve and maintain aircrew proficiency and sustain mobilization readiness.

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