Undertaker is dating

Undertaker is dating

Watch Wrestle Mania XXV match | Watch Wrestle Mania XXVI match You wouldn't think that two of the best matches of The Undertaker's career would come when he was well into his 40s, but when you put two of the superstars most associated with Wrestle Mania into the ring together, something truly special came together.

Shawn Michaels was determined to be the one to end the streak, and the match between two guys from Texas in their home state felt big well before the bell even rang.

For the first 21 years, it was about The Undertaker's undefeated streak.

Over the course of more than two decades, The Undertaker took down all in his path and even won a few championships along the way.

Just as Michaels had done to Ric Flair two years prior, The Undertaker ended Michaels' career in the middle of the ring at Wrestle Mania.

They met in the middle of the ring, stared at the Wrestle Mania sign, and it was on; this was actually the second match between the two men, with The Undertaker first having beaten Triple H 10 years prior.Watch Wrestle Mania XIV match | Watch Wrestle Mania XX match Of all the relationships that will come to define The Undertaker's career, his rivalry (and later friendship) with his brother Kane has to be at or near the top.The lead-up to their first Wrestle Mania match had more in the way of supernatural circumstances than there were at any other point in The Undertaker's career; there were lightning strikes, a casket set on fire, a resurrection and more.These two men were at their absolute best, as they captured match of the year awards from the WWE, Wrestling Observer and Pro Wrestling Illustrated, among others -- so how do you possibly follow that?After The Undertaker tried to deny him the rematch, Michaels put his career on the line vs. The second time around, their match at Wrestle Mania XXVI in Phoenix closed the show.

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