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However, if your new date reveals he or she is a former addict, then it's important you don't make too much of an issue out of that fact.And it's essential that you do not dismiss their prior addiction as some kind of character flaw.In the past, Shelley’s held two long-term relationships, but she remains single.One day, Shelley meets Steve through an online dating website.

The most famous support groups are Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous and SMART Recovery. This means the recovered addict should engage in an active program of recovery.

Whatever the situation you find yourself in, here are eight tested tips for dating somebody in recovery.

This guide compiles tips from experts as well as a number of tips we discovered by questioning folk who've managed to sustain a loving relationship despite prior addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

Or perhaps your spouse is in recovery, and you need advice about how to avoid risking their recovery?

Or perhaps you are a recovered addict, and you seek guidance on entering a new relationship without jeopardizing your recovery?

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As a general rule, the longer your date has been in recovery the better.

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    However, if your new date reveals he or she is a former addict, then it's important you don't make too much of an issue out of that fact.

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