With her strong background in psychology and passion for understanding people, matchmaking was always a logical career path for dating expert Renee Brown.

In order to successfully match you with a like-minded partner Renee will meet with you in person, listen to your wants, needs and desires and find the most appropriate partner specifically for you.

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Renee offers a proven track record of successful matchmaking over many years that is a result of her hands on, passionate approach to her work.What our members all have in common however is a desire to share their life with a like-minded partner.If in your search for love you have only found disappointment.If you think that online dating isn’t for you anymore, or are frustrated with wasting time meeting up with people you don’t click with, then our professional matchmaking service is for you. We are not an online dating service, we do not use algorithms to match you.We meet every Corporate Cupid member in person and have meaningful, honest conversations about what they are genuinely looking for in a partner. Every person has unique tastes, likes and dislikes, sexual orientation, things they care deeply about, are passionate about, enjoy talking about.


By working with us, you can relax knowing that you’re both on the right path. There’s no wondering if they’re wanting the same things you do. Read more So how do you know if you are actually ready to find love, or does love find you when you are ready to accept it?

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    We have had successful members share that they found someone special on our site even though they communicated with just a few members.

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    “Women should always be respected.”He had tried to follow that advice and did find that the dozen or so he had screwed had shown their appreciation, which added a touch of confidence to his approach.

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