Taylor tay sex chat

Taylor tay sex chat

After closing the door it took Taylor a moment to see Karlie, who sat on a chair in the shadows, her long legs clad in extremely tight fitting denim and spread wide, her feet bare, a coat d****d over her narrow shoulders.

She was wearing elaborate make-up, but even like this Taylor was able to discern that Karlie was aroused.

”, Karlie called out from inside, “The door's unlocked.”Taylor pushed the door open and stepped into the room, it was lit dimly by rows of candles lining the shelves on the wall, their scent heavy in the air and their light flickering from the draft, forcing Taylor to remove her shades.

Taylor at once closed the door behind her and turned the key.

”, a bright, pleasant voice called from inside, muffled by the door.

The blonde popstar had to smile, even just hearing Karlie's voice got her riled up. ”, she answered, nodding despite being alone in the corridor, the bangs of her new, bob-style haircut swinging back and forth.“Come on in!

Karlie put her hands on Taylor's waist, the warm skin of her palms against Taylor's bared mid-riff, and pulled her even closer.

Their lips met, almost cautiously at first, the waxy lipstick feeling almost like a thick coating.

When she faced the model again she saw her on her feet, the coat falling from her shoulders.She didn't want to take any risks, didn't want anyone wandering in.She was a much more meticulous and organized person than Karlie, but in a way that was one of the many things Taylor adored about her long-limbed model fuck-buddy who always seemed to be able to get Taylor out of her comfort zone in the most wonderful ways.Once the car stopped she leaned back and forth to get a good look up and down the night-time street through the tinted windows, making sure there were no paparazzi camping out before the upper-class hotel a little bit outside of the city.Once she had made sure the streets were clear Taylor popped the wide lapels of her long coat, put on her sun-glasses and got out.

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Wordlessly she lifted her hand and made a lazy, twirling gesture with her long, slender index finger.

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