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Didd she forget to mention why she was running g around getting rid of the stuff she collected?Maybe u buy that shit and why are ppl called meth heads instead of human beings?The event marks a radical departure in what has been a nagging dialog of lingering agony and disruptive speculation throughout the law enforcement community.The worm turned a little before noon on Wednesday, March 15 when the sister of Ashley Dawn Rogers commented on a four-year-old news story that appeared in “The Legendary” describing just how a dispute between the Waco cops and the Prosecutor erupted into a full-fledged feud.

She was one of the many crooked cops that hindered my sister’s murder investigation if u want to know my opinion.

Harry’s sappy and would like to think you had very little to no idea what the hell was going on and you’dve done things differently had you been in charge. We have to give you a high number, Yes Man, just cause well, you were. THE EXPENDABLES THE ASHLEY DAWN ROGERS MURDERS What we can’t wrap our heads around though, is when, ruling the investigation of the Ashley Dawn Rogers and her two kids’ fire, that the investigation into their murder was closed, “after exhausting all leads in the case”, a K9 team could turn up no evidence of accelerants.

“At this point, there’s nowhere else that we can go with it.

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And Delvin is not innocent and im bout to get an attorney and find out who I can contact over Mc Lennan county so we can weed out all these bad cops. Keri Schlasman Yall wanna keep running it in my face how these killers got away with what they did and that crooked ass police bitch gets a spot light as a good cop?

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