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In chronological order: Biped humanoids first appeared several million years ago, but the modern variety, Homo sapiens, hadn’t been around too long before they were almost wiped out.

Around 8500 BC, the massive Lake Agassiz in North America – the worlds largest ever freshwater lake – was still filling with meltwater from the colossal American ice sheets.It took place in a part of the world fairly thin in habitation at that time, but its discharge of vast amounts of noxious sulphur dioxide, and a deposit of ash 25 centimeters thick, destroyed all the lush forests of south-east Asia, while dust clouds blocked sunlight and plunged the entire planet into an estimated 6 to 10 year volcanic winter.There was worldwide destruction of vegetation and severe drought in all tropical rain forests, and entire groups of animals became eliminated.The event is believed to have been the largest explosive eruption anywhere on earth in the last 25 million years, and it was so immense it came very close to calling time-out for the burgeoning human race.Up to 6,000 cubic kilometers of ash – enough to cover the entire USA to a depth of 70cm – jetted into the atmosphere.

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Yet the agriculture of that country depended on an annual flooding of the rivers to revitalize the soil, so many Sumerian cities were built near a flood plain.

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    From hogtieing, caging, water torture, enforced head-giving, candle play, foot worship and a few other seemingly non-scripted acts, this section relies heavily on the idea of using the photos to relay the story.

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    Jacob persiste durante un par de minutos, pero luego abandona y se queda parado en un rincón. Se mantiene apartada, pero tras unos segundos pasa caminando disimuladamente por delante de Jacob.

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    Posting a photo of herself lying in bed with a PICC line in her arm, Bianca explained to fans she couldn't eat or drink.

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    she's gonna introduce me to her friends this weekend!

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