Silverlight dependency property not updating

Silverlight dependency property not updating

Short Summary: When binding to a Property using a Converter, a Property Changed event on the Property does not refresh the binding. I'm trying to create datatemplates for properties of a fairly complex legacy type (I'll call it IMy Legacy Thingy).

It's effectively a heavily overlapping flag enum value, so I'm rolling my own checkbox item combobox for it. However I also need to display a string "summary" of the flags which are set.

public static readonly Dependency Property On Or Off Dependency Property = Dependency Property.

I have a control that has a list of stuff, and once I make a change to some unrelated thing I really need to force the binding to re-run… Something like “Invalidate Measure” but for binding…

Otherwise, Is there any way you can think of for me to get my custom converter to refresh itself when the Node's Value changes?

Anything else I can bind to, or flag I can set on my binding which achieves my goals?

For various reasons the best way for me to do this seems to be with the following sort of datatemplate (nb: vastly simplified down, the real one also binds a mess of other things: Now, My Converter takes the Property, and a parameter, and being smart is able to return all sorts of useful stuff from the dark and scary gizzard of IMy Legacy Thingy.

Unfortunately the Value of the node is insufficient for me to get enough information.

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This topic describes the reasons that application developers and component authors for Silverlight might want to create custom dependency properties.

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