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If your GP checks her out and finds no obvious medical problem it is probably fine for her to have medication for a week or so.If after this her sleep is still no better you may need to re-establish her bed time routine and make sure she understands that she needs to fall asleep on her own so that if she wakes she can get back to sleep without needing you to get her back to sleep.Putting up with a few minutes noise before going into her lets you see whether she can settle herself if she wakes.If she is fully awake and crying loudly you can give her a small drink, stroke or cuddle her but settle her back in her cot as soon as possible or she will get the wrong message about night time waking giving her more attention which will encourage her to wake up more often.Otherwise there is a risk that your daughter and you would become dependant on this type of medication to get her to sleep.Your GP does need to thoroughly check your daughter out to make sure there is no underlying medical reason for her not being able to sleep.I don't believe for one second the poster who said she has never been annoyed by a baby on a plane.

Of course, in my case it turned out that the warning that some kids have the opposite reaction that's intended and can end up hyper was true for us. But I personally don't think that giving her a (small) dose of a children's medication to make her more comfortable at high altitudes makes me some terrible parent worthy of ire.Such earache might be due to recurrent ear infections or fluid building up pressure in her middle ear (glue ear), both of which would get better with treatment.If untreated they might improve on their own but there is a risk they might progress and damage her hearing.As your daughter who cannot sleep is your fourth child I can understand your sense of desperation in getting her to sleep, especially as your older three children had no problems with sleeping when they were little.There are sedative medications which your doctor can prescribe to help her sleep.

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We went to the neurologist last week for Tucker and I'm not sure who has been following our story, but Tuck is way behind in his gross motor skills and has been going to PT for about 2 months now.

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