Sedating a toddler while sick

Comfort measures such as holding, rocking, and giving a pacifier can be helpful when doses of pain and sedation medications are being decreased.What about when infants have to have shots or other medical procedures? They may be mildly invasive, such as stitches, shots, and blood draws, or they may be more invasive, as in surgery.Some babies may have health problems and may experience pain as part of their disease process or painful treatments. It can also make kids hypersensitive or insensitive to pain later in life, or lead to chronic pain and other problems later on. Because little babies can't tell you anything about how they feel, doctors and nurses are using new tools to help define pain in the babies they care for.Talking to your child's doctors and nurses about pain is important.These questions and their answers provide general information for you on the most commonly asked questions for patients.

The American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) 1999 policy statement says that pain treatment is safe and effective and should always be provided during infant circumcision.Breastfeeding, or a pacifier dipped in sugar water is also helpful in decreasing the amount of time spent crying medical procedures [8].A review of 17 different studies on giving sucrose with or without sucking on a bottle or pacifier concluded that sucrose is safe and effective for reducing pain from minor medical procedures; however, the dose, use in preemies, and repeated use need more study [9].Because of this physical dependence, medication doses will be decreased slowly to prevent possible withdrawal symptoms that can occur if the medicine is stopped suddenly.Nurses and doctors will watch your baby carefully for signs of medication withdrawal.

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