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No one has successfully challenged Kelvin’s physics to this day, but long age advocates have simply chosen to ignore it.

By both Lord Kelvin’s original calculation and modern ones of this basic planetary movement and continental distribution, the Earth cannot be billions of years old. Projecting backward in time at this proven rate, if the Earth was over 10,000 years old, its 50x stronger magnetic field would have generated enough heat to liquefy the planet, and a million years ago would have completely vaporized the planet.

Uranium and thorium decay by emitting alpha particles of helium nuclei as they decay to lead.

Analysis of helium content of zircon samples conventionally considered to be over a billion years old revealed extremely high helium retention in these crystals.

— Long age evolutionists only selectively promote ‘clocks’ that generate long age timeframes, and then use them to brainwash trusting ‘students’ as if they were established fact.Evolution of life from non-life, or from one species to another has never been observed, not even once.The fossil record is exactly what we would expect to see if species were intelligently created, and exactly what we do see.Dates yielded from the above models and many others are more scientific than those typically promoted by long age evolutionists, but this clear evidence for a young Earth is unscientifically ignored simply because it doesn’t fit with a long-age evolutionary worldview.All fossils reveal distinct, fully functioning creatures that show purpose and design, but never transitional forms with partially developed features.

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If the Earth were billions of years old, as claimed, it would already be in tidal lock with the sun, the same way one side of the moon always faces the Earth.

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