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Radiocarbon dating how reliable

As the pressure increases in the sample tube, the solvents are gradually deposited back into the original flask, whereupon the process is repeated.

The contaminants are collected in the flask and either dated, stored for analysis, or discarded.

The former may be kept for dating purposes by being acidified, rinsed and dried in an oven.The humic fraction is acid insoluble and is removed using a base extraction method.The fulvic fraction however, is soluble in acid and may be removed using an HCl wash.Solvents are heated in a round-bottomed flask and evaporate up through a siphon into a condenser.Upon condensing they drip down through the pyrex wool covering the sample and then through the sample itself, leaching the contaminants through the profile and dissolving them.

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They are easily incorporated by sample materials, affecting the ages of each.

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