Pregnant after 4 months dating

Pregnant after 4 months dating

I got pregnant by my daughter's sperm donor after 2 months of dating.

We decided to really try and give the relationship a shot but in the end he just wasn't ready to be a father. So i believe it can work if you have enough in common & if he's not a douche & leaves right away like most guys these days. : D SO and I were together for barely two months before we got pregnant. Our relationship is a lot of work, but we love each other so we are doing our best to make it work.

So hope when you tell him the news his response is better! He is so excited and I'm so happy that he dint walk out. I wish you the best and pray you have an easy pregnancy and delivery. not knowing how he'd take the news I pretty much told him like it was the end of the world...

X My boyfriend and i were together for 2 weeks when i got pregnant. We are truly in love now and can't wait to bring this baby into the world. I had decided to terminate and he said he would support me in whatever decision I made.

Hell, we weren't even sure about each other at the time.So needless to say we ended it a very long time ago and and he basically disappeared. I was with BD for over a year before I got pregnant and that was horrible. But I got pregnant 2 weeks after DH and I met (with our first, we were together for 2 years when I got pregnant with the last baby). We are now expecting our second child together my third baby though. But he is deployed right now and it sucks since I'm pregnant. Then we finally got together & made it official & i got pregnant about 2 months later. It probably would of been a whole lot easier had we of known more about each other before we had a baby.This isn't exactly the same but I was pregnant when I met SO and we are still together 1 and a half years later and expecting another baby. He knew I was pregnant and has taken on the "daddy" role and has since little man was born. We are happily married now and plan to stay that way forever. Especially since we were/are still young (I was 19 and he was 23), but I wouldn't change it for anything.We even separated for 3 weeks because the situation became very over whelming.When we separated I knew he would come around just he had to deal with the life change in his own way. Though we understand that having our baby will change everything as well this is what wad ment to happen n it will work out.

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Shes 15 months now and I'm due with our second in June. IMO you have to first decide what you want to do and stand by it no matter what. I think having a clear plan will make it easier on u and u will not feel pressured if something goes wrong. My boyfriend and i were dating for about two weeks before i got pregnant. i sent him a text message saying "we need to talk" and he said "you're not pregnant are you?

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