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She had stolen poisonous chemicals from his lab before, and now some chemicals were missing again.Horrified by Swallow's blasphemous statements, Wright pushed him onto the ground, and Swallow fell onto his umbrella, breaking it.One day during fourth grade, Wright was accused of stealing the lunch money of a classmate, Miles Edgeworth.Due to the lack of an alibi, everyone assumed Wright was the culprit, but Edgeworth and another classmate, Larry Butz, came to his defense.The article said that prosecutor Miles Edgeworth was suspected of tampering with witnesses and fabricating evidence.Edgeworth had become a ruthless prosecutor, unrecognizable from the Edgeworth that Wright knew from his childhood.

Wright finally cooperated and gave his entire account of the day's events.

They subsequently began to date, though in all subsequent meetings and unbeknown to Wright, "Dahlia" was really Iris, Dahlia's twin sister who was posing as her.

For eight months, she tried to convince Wright to give the necklace back in order to save his life from her murderous sister, but Wright, not knowing of this reason, refused to, thinking that she didn't mean it.

Years later, Luke Atmey stated that Wright probably received the same message on his school report card every year: "Careless, with tendency to jump to conclusions." Atmey was most likely only taunting Wright, although judging from the lawyer's reaction, this wasn't far from the truth.

He has stated that his teachers always said he was "a good thunker" [sic] and has also related that it was pouring with rain on the day of his elementary school graduation. During his time there, he saw a story in a newspaper with the headline "Dark Suspicions of a Demon Attorney".

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In his third year, Wright met Dahlia Hawthorne in the District Court basement library and was immediately enamored with her.

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