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The life of a great or of a little man written by himself, the familiar letters, the diary of any individual published by his friends or by his enemies, after his decease, are esteemed important literary curiosities.We are surely justified, in this eager desire, to collect the most minute facts relative to the domestic lives, not only of the great and good, but even of the worthless and insignificant, since it is only by a comparison of their actual happiness or misery in the privacy of domestic life that we can form a just estimate of the real reward of virtue, or the real punishment of vice.When corrected and amplified portions of the 1881 tree were published in the addenda to Burkes Landed Gentry of Ireland (1899) and later editions published in 19, there was no mention of Edmund Blood of Makeney although Captain Edmund Blood MP was shown as having originated in Makeney.Additional sources of information about the Blood family include General Sir Bindon Blood's autobiography Fourscore Years and Ten (1933) and the unpublished research undertaken by Lt. John Neptune Blood (1897-1960) [the latter provided by Robert Edmund (Bob) Blood].

Introduction by Paul Mc Cartney In an article entitled The Study of Genealogy in Ireland, published in Burke's Landed Gentry (1952, 17th Edition), Anthony Crofton wrote: It is sad history that on 13 April, 1922, the building known as the Four Courts in Dublin, the central repository of Ireland's public records, was set on fire and burned; the flames deliberately fed with the collected muniments of centuries.Each member of the direct line from Captain Edmund Blood to the author of this article, Dr.Brian Blood, is placed within the milieu of his time, his place and his relatives whether by blood, by marriage or both.Marriage gave both parties access to land, social position, reputation and influence and, as often as not, both had fascinating tales to tell. Boorstin (The Americans: The Colonial Experience (1958)), describing two features central to pre-nineteenth century English society, writes: No features .. Security came from the assurance of living in a network of familiar and predictable relationships. The substantial squire who was a justice-of-the-peace, a pillar of respectability, a doer of good, a protector of the weak, and a defender of the national interest was no mere fiction.The obverse of the security he symbolised was dependence.

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Thomas Blood, grandson of WB - noted London-based artist-engraver (vi) Matthew's youngest brother, Mark Blood (b.1677/85-1751), heads the line leading to Bridget Blood (1795-1833/39), 'Biddy the Beautiful' (vii) Matthew's youngest brother, Mark Blood was the grandfather of Lieutenant George Blood's wife, Elizabeth Deborah Blood (c.1770-1856)(i) wife Caroline Roe (c.1730-1805), and children Frances "Fanny" (1758-1785) and George (1762-1844) were friends of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797)(ii) older brother, John Blood (1721-1799), called Bacon Blood for his fondness for bacon which he accepted from tenants in lieu of rent(iii) Captain Neptune Blood (d.1815), son of John, went by the nickname of 'The Copper Captain' because of the colour of his hair(iv) Captain Neptune Blood (d.1815) was grandfather of Joseph Fitzgerald Blood (1853-1924) and of John Blood (1849-1912) (v) Captain Neptune Blood (d.1815) was great-grandfather of Major General Sir Bindon Blood (1842-1940) (i) George and his wife Elizabeth Deborah Blood (c.1770-1856) share Thomas Blood (1640-1726) as a common great-grandfather (ii) George was the brother of Frances "Fanny" Blood (1758-1785), the great friend of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) (iii) George was employed by the Associated Irish Mine Company as Secretary and Accountant (1794-1812) (iv) Elizabeth's brother, William Blood (1760-1801), married Catherine 'Kitty' Compton (b.

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