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Pulling the cord back down pulls the little ball with it to the top of the tube and denies oxygen to the cord and it goes out. See a nearly identical version at MEB, who imported and sold these with their logo on them as well as the SD name. 62 (on This Page) and from Orlik marked Orlik 1922. A petrol lighter dating from the early 1950’s in the form of a boat. 1960s There vere 2 different versions of this lighter: one had the flint screw on the bottom, the other on the front.As long as the cord isn't wet, arguably the most dependable lighter to use. Another View Sarome are a top quality Japanese lighter maker and have been in existence since 1940. The front tube seems earlier and doubtless caused problems with the very curved flint tube- fixed in the later version with a straight tube from the bottom.On 4 November 1957, a plane carrying Romanian Workers' Party officials, including the most prominent politicians of Communist Romania (Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, Chivu Stoica, Alexandru Moghioroș, Ştefan Voitec, Nicolae Ceauşescu, Leonte Răutu, and Grigore Preoteasa), was involved in an accident at Vnukovo Airport.Preoteasa, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, was killed, as was the aircraft's crew. The first passenger flights of the IL-18 (Moscow to Alma-Ata on 20 April 1956) and Tu-114 (Moscow to Khabarovsk on 24 April 1961) were also made from Vnukovo Airport.Mineralnye Vody, Minsk, Munich, Murmansk, Nakhchivan, Naryan-Mar, Nizhny Novgorod, Noyabrsk, Pevek, Riga, Rostov-on-Don-Platov, St Petersburg, Sabetta, Samara, Samarkand, Sanya, Sochi, Stavropol, Surgut, Syktyvkar, Tashkent, Tyumen, Ufa, (as of November 2017). Moscow city can be reached by the municipal Mosgortrans bus lines: 611 - reaches two consecutive stations (Troparyovo and Yugo-Zapadnaya) of Moscow Metro Sokolnicheskaya Line, 611k (Russian: ) reaches only the nearest Salaryevo station of Moscow Metro Sokolnicheskaya Line, but avoids the often congested crossing with MKAD road; nearby Rumyantsevo station is only easily accessible on the way to the airport, not away from it. Several taxi services to Moscow city and suburbs are available at the airport. Taxi and local Transportation Network Companies offer flat rate trips to anywhere in Moscow.After 2020, the Government of Moscow plans a future expansion of metro line 8 (Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya) which will go from the Rasskazovka station, which is currently under construction, to Vnukovo with one station between them.

The Tupolev airliner rework facility is located at the edge of the airport, and major overhaul and modification programmes are carried out in several large aircraft hangars.

Terminal A is the only terminal used both for domestic and international flights. Private marshrutka line 45 also serves this direction.

Terminals B and D are out of service as of October 2017. One-way journey costs 150 rubles (as of February 2016; eq. Due to heavy traffic in Moscow, journey takes 15 minutes to 1 hour.

In 2015, the airport handled 15.82 million passengers, representing an increase of 24% compared to the previous year. Its construction was approved by the Soviet government in 1937, because the older Khodynka Aerodrome (located much closer to the city centre, but closed by the 1980s) was becoming overloaded. During the Great Patriotic War, it was used as a military airbase; passenger services started after the war.

On 15 September 1956, the Tupolev Tu-104 jetliner made its first passenger flight from Moscow Vnukovo to Irkutsk via Omsk.

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In 1980, Vnukovo was expanded because of the 22nd Summer Olympic Games.

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