Modern dating struggle

They too sit alone at home on Saturday nights and question the direction their lives are headed. A picture of me in my boxer shorts crying like a little baby over my recent breakup won’t go well on my Instagram would it?

They too binge on huge bowls of ice-cream while weeping over their latest failures. I’d much rather put up a picture of me making cute funny faces with my new girlfriend. We try our hardest to make other people as jealous as we possibly can.

If I am to become a famous write someday, I have to leverage Social Media and market my writing and my blog.

But I have drastically reduced my time online on social sites.

But of course people don’t post them on Social Media. And that is the only true currency in the world of Social Media- How jealous you can make people about your life. In whatever small way I can, I try to keep my sanity.

When that doesn’t happen to me, I unconsciously start questioning my life and self-worth. I understand Hollywood’s point of view- Making realistic movies won’t sell as much. That life is just waiting to shower happiness on us. The problem begins when these things do not happen, at least in the time frame we had in mind.Wearing that suit will not get me laid like Barney Stinson. The thing that most people tend to forget about Social Media is that it is a very carefully constructed facade of skin deep reality.It is a very carefully filtered view of a few selected moments from people’s lives.I try more often to meet people face to face rather than conversing over Whatsapp or Messenger. Hitting the gym every once in a while can have remarkable effects on your mental well-being. Life is rarely like a movie, where people are guaranteed success and happiness in a 3 hour time frame. Either I’ll have achieved what I wanted to or I’ll have settled for less. But the real truth is, human beings can never truly be happy. I force myself to go outside and enjoy the sun and the smell of the open air. I just believe that if I keep at what I’m doing, I’ll eventually get there. We were only meant to run behind the pursuit of happiness.

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I’m sure we all have been envious of our friends vacation pictures on Instagram.

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