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“You are a fantastic comedian, you totally deserve to be a household name,” smiled David.

“You’re so stupid, in the best way, we need to see you again,” added Alesha.

He pledged to “give up” if he did badly on BGT, so it’s a good thing he had the crowd roaring with laughter.

We are pleased to offer select advertising blotters from days gone by! Pin up of woman in pink bikini sitting inside big gift box with green pillow and bow. No advertising imprint, never used and in mint condition. The sign is black, it would, of course, be awaiting an advertisement. This blotter features an old panel truck in a residential neighborhood. This address doesn’t seem to exist any longer, but looks like it was and still is a residential area just off downtown. Perfect illustration of an Esterbrook 788 Pens Box. Measures 3.25 x 6 inches Far right edge and lower right corner slightly darker than the rest of blotter, no ink blots on the back side. On the back side there is some minor aging and two signatures that were blotted back in the day. 1924, White blotter with black Waterman advertising for Economy Drug Store 1010 Belmont Portland, Oregon. This blotter features an old car with headlights pointed at a roadside sign in the country. Goes Lithographers logo in bottom left corner, Goes was well known for their excellent lithography. They private labeled many items made by major manufacturers with their own company information or the information of smaller stationers throughout Iowa. The name Webster D Sheldon has been penned out and at the bottom of the list, the name Hebron Sheldon is handwritten. The name Webster D Sheldon has been penned out and at the bottom of the list, the name Hebron Sheldon is handwritten. ELECT – 9 names follow for various positions such as Supervisor, town Clerk, Justice of the Peace, etc etc. On the plain backside an address has been penciled on and remains faintly: 424 E 3rd Street Leadville Colo. 1920s, Uncoated blotting in off white with bright red and black print. Advertising imprint for Thoms Book Store Appleton, Wis. Detailed illustration of a bright red and black box of Esterbrook Pens and the 788 Oval point pen. Advertising imprint for Keystone Stationery Co in Camden NJ.R174 0 Antique Victorian Roller Blotter with sterling silver handle in beautiful art nouveau repouse. R177 0 Antique Rocker Blotter, Inlaid wood design is very precise and features a palm tree on the beach with mountains in the background. R178 Black Amethyst Figural Elephant rocker blotter, ca. Figural elephant on rocker base measures 3.5 wide and is about 2.75 inches tall. CLIPS Set of 2 Rocker Blotter Clips Handy to have around whether you are doing repairs or just writing a letter! Three shades of wood were used in this intricate design. High grade 110LB absorbent blotting in white, each sheet measures 4 x 9 inches. Blotter has never been used, but there are some ink stains on the right side front of the blotter, thankfully they are small and don’t interfere with this great illustration.

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