Israel dating com

Israel dating com

The development of agriculture involves an intensification of the processes used to extract resources from the environment: more food, medicine, fibre, and other resources can be obtained from a given area of land by encouraging useful plant and animal species and discouraging others.

This model suggests that agriculture was already a component of the economy and that it simply expanded to fill the gap left by this reduction in natural resources.This explanation may be too simplistic, or it may apply only to the Abū Hureyra region.At the time, people throughout Southwest Asia were developing agriculture in a variety of environments and using a diverse array of plants; they probably shifted to food production for different reasons depending on local conditions.Notably, the intensive harvesting of wild grains first appeared well before the Epipaleolithic Period.At the Ohalo II site in Israel (, wild barley is the most common plant food found among the grass, legume, nut, and other plant remains.

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