Intimidating song lyrics

Sometimes it is the pyro, sometimes it is the lights, sometimes it's a combination of the two.However, the music is always what sticks with the viewers.If they hadn't left WWE for NWA, who knows what the most iconic song in WWE history would be?[Verse 1: Jon Bellion] Wu-Tang raised me, Death Cab changed me You should go and ask Rihanna if the pen game's crazy My artistry is everything, that's my baby But when it comes to publishing, it's fuck you, pay me Don't be mad cause the records that you cut sound lazy And everything I'm cooking, sounding nuts like rabies (uh) I hate rappers, please don't call me Give me urinal suggestions like please don't stall me Don't play for me, I'll be yawning How I'm doing pop melodies and you sound corny Now everybody trying to hang around like awnings Me and my people linking in the park like crawling Things seem Rocky, Drago, Ivan No cash, broke bad, so damn Heisen— Berg, check the chemistry, I found this hybrid It's Dilla in the pocket but it's so Paul Simon It took a little while for your mind to find it But once you see the genius it's intimidating, isn't it? They can be more memorable than the matches themselves.They get the crowd going, whether with cheers or boos.

[Verse 2: Blaque Keyz] Outkast raised me, Lupe changed me Now I do things with words to make you lames praise me Whether Liu Kang or Luke James or Usain maybe Feeling flyer than a jet son, I'm oh so Spacely Now everybody clueless, how the flow so crazy? Took a little while for your mind to find it But once you see the genius, it's intimidating, isn't it? You need to get that bag out my face God made me a full-blown genius What the fuck I— [Outro] Beautiful Mind Check out what Jon said about this song on twitter: That part can be heard in the actual chorus. FYI, we're also going to stay clear of orchestras, scores and more 'operatic' themes.With this in mind, here are some of our favourites along with a small description of why they would work so well.And while some of the actual fighters on this list are indeed intimidating themselves, this is not a list of intimidating fighters. So I don't want to hear your complaints about Wanderlei Silva not being on here. This desolate Russian folk dirge was the perfect complement.I realize his song may inspire fear from a simple Pavlovian standpoint, but come on. Surrounded by the Pride pyrotechnics and screaming Japanese legions, Fedor was the calm in the middle of the storm and the storm itself.

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