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As chief resident, Nick Xenokostas was the center of Zadie's life--both professionally and personally--throughout a tragic chain of events in her third year of medical school that she has long since put behind her.

Emma and I have an unspoken agreement regarding our third year of medical school: we don't bring it up.

Who would have the effrontery to read texts during an important meeting? "I understand we need to incentivize, but it seems to me the mission-critical thing here is to bring the teachers online. "That would be spectacular," he said, refraining from pointing out that I was more inept on the tennis court than a bilateral arm amputee. I had an hour and a half, which was the perfect amount of time to knock out the shopping I had to do.

At the head of the table, the speaker, Caroline Cooper (alma mater: Georgia, plus Vanderbilt Law School), gave me a frosty look. I'm wondering if there's a good strategic alliance there." Holy smoke. "Let's plan on me taking them out this weekend, okay? I'd bring the vampire with me, and we would have a serious discussion about things. Her fat cheeks were drooping with guilt and fear, and her great big eyes blinked, dislodging two perfect diamonds of tears.

This was what happened when a bunch of highly educated bankers and lawyers took time off to raise their kids. For once Delaney did not fight as she was buckled into her car seat. Her little shoulders shook as she fought not to cry.

You couldn't get five seconds into a preschool meeting without the need for a bizspeak translator. She was uncharacteristically quiet as I lit into her, babbling about consequences and limits and privileges. Finally unable to hold it back, she buried her face in her small hands and tried to stifle her sobs. A penitent toddler could conquer the hardest heart. " "It's okay, baby," I said, stroking her heaving little back.

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The first group looked like they'd just come from exercising, although they all had neat hair and no one smelled bad. We all have a Nick in our pasts: a seemingly ordinary person who, through some mysterious subatomic combination of chemistry and personality, was capable of reaching inside you and exposing some luminescent core you didn't know you possessed. Parenting four children isn't easy, but I know what a wonderful mother you are. " "Well, I am certainly not suggesting that Delaney has to stay out forever. I worked at my pediatric cardiology practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and the rest of my time seemed to be spent juggling the schedules of my four children. maybe I bited her because she is so bad." I said, "Sumner is not bad. She breaked up my puzzle even though I telled her not to." "Okay, we are going to have plenty of time to talk about this at home." Plenty of time. During the three days a week I worked, I sometimes started early: at least once a week, I needed to be in the OR myself to perform echocardiograms on the little congenital heart patients.

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