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Or what if a drop of water were trickling down the trunk of the tree?

The water in motion would be alive, but the motionless tree trunk would be.

Exosemanticists have their work cut out understanding them, and exopsychologists in figuring out what they're all about.

Relations between humans and Really Aliens are necessarily limited, since we have so little in common with them.

Implies human-level cognitive and linguistic ability but not necessarily tool use.Sometimes they look rather less like humans, in which case (if friendly) they often resemble large teddy bears.Not only do Aliens with Forehead Ridges mostly look like Earth Humans, they tend to act like Earth Humans as well, or at least one particular (real or speculative) Earth Human culture.We can not only communicate, Trade, and fight, but form joint business ventures, cheat each other at cards, and even fall in love.Indeed, Aliens with Forehead Ridges raise a profound question in evolutionary biology.

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The "science" is called Astrobiology, the famous "science in search of a subject". You can keep up on the latest news, but for now if you want aliens, you are going to have to create them yourself.

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