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The sign outside offered a "genuine home away from home feel". I very nearly gave her my actual name until I remembered my instructions in the text message. David Smith." She looked over the book in front of her until she spotted a name.Nevertheless as I walked in through the front door I was bordering on the paranoid about what awaited me once I was inside. I think so," I said which must have confused her somewhat judging by the annoyed sigh I got in response. She looked up at me and uttered, "Ah yes, your sister is already here waiting for you in room six." "My sister? I began to think that this was one of Kirsty's little jokes as she had quite a quirky sense of humour. I'm glad she got here ok." "Here's your key," she said handing me one of the brass keys from out of the safe behind the desk where the keys were kept. "No, thank you." "Very well," she said pointing to the stairs behind me.I was once told that it can be a dangerous thing to try it on with the boss's daughter.Mixing work and pleasure can be as troublesome as it can be rewarding.Tell the owner you're name is David Smith.- Kirsty" In truth I was both a little apprehensive and excited about going to the hotel as I had been instructed by the message.I spent the next day in eager anticipation of what the night would bring for me. It was a small hotel converted from a large house that sat near the coast.I walked upto the desk that acted as the reception and after waiting a minute or two for someone to appear I rang the bell summoning assistance. "Thank you." "Will you be requiring a morning paper? "Second door on the left." I thanked her for what seemed like the Nth time since I arrived and nervously made my way up the stairs.

One day she said she had a joke on her phone that she wanted to send and me insisted I gave her my number.I was twenty seven and was still trying to hold on to my youth that seemed to be slipping out of my hands faster and faster as my life seemed to start slowing down.Maybe I was just being dramatic but that's how I felt.I've never been big on feet but as I looked at them I felt that even they had a certain allure to them. Inside I was begging her to put her mouth on it but I resisted wanting to keep this up for as long as possible. I would have been happy for her to have just sat there wanking me off but I had no idea of what was to come. Sometimes I was winning, sometimes she was winning.As we kissed I ran my hands up her bare back feeling her silky soft skin beneath my rough hands. I pushed her away from me and put her back in the chair.

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I grabbed hold of the scruff of her mousy blond hair and pulled her head towards my cock that was holding its position waiting to be consumed by her mouth.

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