Friends with benefits and dating

Whether it feels comfortable and safe, or problems arise, if there is room to work through challenges to maintain the friendship, even at the expense of the benefits, then you are in a successful connection.

There is a mutual investment in each other's well-being, because you're friends first.

For an FWB arrangement to work, you have to know each other; have a sense of who both of you are with and to each other; and understand what feelings the emotional and sexual dynamic evokes in you.

Maintaining an FWB in a healthy way means communicating about what each person expects and where each is as the relationship evolves.

It's confusing to try to develop friendship founded on a sexual relationship guided by a rule system that has to be invented as you go.

Or, when you’re trying to force a friendship so that you can add sex as a benefit, where does the friendship part fit in? You may have started out thinking that the FWB label was a good idea, but since the territory can be so uncharted, yours and your friend's feelings may change in myriad ways, and the label can quickly become a hindrance. Even the paranoid, delusionally arrogant, hopelessly depraved and reckless liars which you clearly have had the pleasure of knowing. well imagine being friends with benefits when you already ha a partner, imagine what you will be putting them through when fwb goes as not intended.

In such circumstances, the sexual connection may remain, or may be reintroduced. You recognize that you both enjoy the chemistry, but that you may not be as compatible emotionally as you are sexually. The connection you have as friends determines whether this time in your life and in your relationship is right to be sharing benefits. You're just stripping the title of boyfriend and girlfriend to “achieve" the desired benefits of said arrangement based on “a friendship of history." This is pretty much the same thing that you can achieve in a seriously committed relationship. But with the history of my life I can't commitment to either one such as they say they don't want to be committed to me. There is just the simple fact we made a agreement to fulfill each others sexual needs and that's it. I think there's a huge misunderstanding here (and, frankly, I wonder if older generations are determined to scare us away from FWB relationships because they mean sex without consequence, which *must* be bad and wrong! I've had many, many FWBs and they always work better for me than traditional relationships. As a woman, I think FWB situations yield far more respect and much healthier communication. And must say its of absolute value to me as we help eachother out on issues we both have. Not going to discus that because I know you shouldnt deal with married guys.

And, no matter what one calls the arrangement, it can still get tricky.That may be more freeing and less constricting than giving the wrong label to what you're trying to create. To use a word as archaic as adultery is so lacking in understanding of a relationship like this.Not labeling a new arrangement, situation, or relationship takes some of the pressure off, sets up more room to get to know each other as friends, and keeps the communication lines open. People have rights over their bodies and who they have relations with.That's not to say an FWB arrangement isn't possible: Sexual exploration can and often does become a part of an existing friendship between consenting people. A dangerous depravity to their own, that can now be said to apply to all others, and the list goes on. Now about these false Gods of yours, you do realize that when funny haha gets wiped off peoples faces we don't stop there. this is flipping dangerous and definitely would not engage in it.Or you may have been in a romantic and/or sexual relationship with this person earlier in your life, but now it's morphed into a friendship. As a species you have proven your intentions to be hostile beyond any reasonable doubt. Your a bunch of spineless cowards who haven't a clue as to what your talking about. It still sounds like being in a relationship, nonetheless.

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You may have boxed yourself into an FWB title when your feelings no longer remotely reflect that arrangement.

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