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All the relevant information on the case was viewed by the court, the evidential standard was deemed to have been met, and the verdict was given.

He is due to be sentenced in April, with a maximum sentence of six months theoretically possible (although extremely unlikely for a first offence).

In the likely event you don’t know who Mr Dankula is, he’s a “self-confessed shitposter” whose hobby is posting videos filmed in his bedroom on Youtube with titles such as “Give minorities all your money”, “Eating ice cream is gay” and “Snapchatting your balls to a Livestreamer”.

Count’s stock in trade is point-missing whataboutery, finding the extremes of an otherwise reasonable view to try and discredit it, and generally being the guy you get stuck next to at a student party who has some views on veganism that will blow your tiny provincial mind, dude.

Also, the freedom to joke has not been placed under jeopardy here.

The lack of freedom to broadcast grossly offensive material, a law that has existed for fifteen years without comedy ceasing to exist, has been enforced.

Nonconsensual pornography can destroy victims’ intimate relationships, as well as their educational and employment opportunities.The problem with this kind of fellowship is that it presumes everyone is playing the same sport.Otherwise-reasonable writers and comedians condemning this law (the true target of their condemnation, surely, rather than the verdict – the court simply enforced that law) are neither useful nor idiots but in a dim light could be mistaken for both.And if Count Dankula wants to continue in his career as a shitposter, he needs to accept that posting shit sometimes gets your hands dirty.The term “revenge porn,” though frequently used, is somewhat misleading.

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Not in his usual manner – calling people ‘mongs’, doubling down on his transphobia by comparing trans people to chimps in his latest standup special or by foisting The Invention Of Lying on an unsuspecting public.

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