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Domain trust form templates constitute the vast majority of form templates in the enterprise, and roughly follow the Internet Explorer security model which dictates that by default, the user must approve any attempt to access resources that come from a different domain or Zone.So, if you have a form template running on Works great in Info Path, but when you run a form in the browser, you may be running server-side business logic.However, I cannot stress enough that this is for prototyping only.Because the UDC file is in clear text and is accessible to anyone with read permission on the library, this puts a windows username and password in clear text on the network, which is bad-bad-bad. The "Manage data connection files" page (AKA "the store") gives Julie a great deal of power over the use of data connections in administrator-approved form templates.

Consider the following UDC authentication block: The Use Explicit element allows you to specify a username and password in plaintext.

This post will answer the question "how do I get my data connection to work on the server". When we started defining the server experience for Info Path forms, one of the guiding principles we espoused was "design-once." Meaning, provided you stick within the subset of functionality supported on the server, you could design a form once and it would run in Info Path and in Forms Services.

That is basically true for data connections, but there are two special considerations that differ significantly when moving to the server, namely Info Path has three security modes, which we refer to as restricted (AKA "super-sandbox"), domain, and full-trust. Full-trust form templates are allowed to do whatever and consequently need to be administrator-approved in order to run server-side.

In order to make these files accessible to web clients such as Info Path, the "web accessible" flag must be set.

Otherwise, the files can be used from browser forms only.

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A DCL requires content approval by default, and while members of the site with Contributor access can write files to the library, nobody but the owner of the file can use the file from Info Path unless a content approver has approved the file.

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