Facts about online dating predators

Online predators can be targeting your child on the Internet, in chat rooms, and on social networking websites.Disguised under different names and much younger ages, these predators can be earning your child’s trust and planning on more than being ‘just friends.’ Here are some shocking situations that happened in real-life: Kacie In 2002, 13-year old Kacie Renee Woody met David Fuller in a Christian chat room. They courted for a bit, but Kacie fell in love with another boy and broke up with Dave.He knew when she got home from school, when her father left for work, and when she would be at home alone.Kacie’s friends were worried about Kacie giving out information freely to people that she had met on the Internet and even spoke to a counselor at school about their concern. Fuller took Kacie to a storage unit, raped and killed her, before turning a gun on himself.“It’s staggering how many people fall for it.”Scammers typically create fake profiles on dating sites and apps like Match.com, Ok Cupid, e Harmony, Grindr and Tinder using pictures of attractive men and women — often real people whose identities they’ve filched off Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites.This lures victims who swipe or click to begin corresponding.Lubrano uses his real name (like many stalkers do, according to police) on My Space.

Shortly after being released from his prison sentence, Lubrano set up an account on My Space and befriended a 14- year old gay high school student, posing as age 16.Moreover, she said, romantic love can produce feelings of euphoria similar to the effects of cocaine or heroin, which explains why otherwise intelligent and accomplished people do irrational things to get a fix.Of course, people have always been fools for love — it’s just that the global reach and altered reality of the Internet increases the risk and can make the emotional and financial damage more severe.“I don’t think there is a general understanding of how much of this romance scam stuff is out there, how it works and what the consequences are,” said Steven Baker, director of the Midwest region of the Federal Trade Commission.After discovering that Kristin had a social networking site, Kristin’s mother Danielle took Kristin’s computer away.What her mother didn’t know was that she had already started a relationship with 27 year-old Kylie Bowers from Texas. Bowers sexually assaulted her and then left back to Texas.

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