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Welcome to the Cassiopaean Website, the repository for the work of scientific mystic, Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

Laura is married to theoretical/mathematical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk who introduces his wife’s work in the following extract: The name “Cassiopaea” was given by a consciously “channeled source” which Laura accessed in 1994 after two years of experimental work.

After all, the old-time religions, particularly monotheistic ones, have imposed a ban on spiritual communications as being the “work of the devil” (and it CAN be, but doesn’t HAVE to be, not to take the word “devil” too literally) even though much of their own claims, creeds, practices, and beliefs were channeled from a self proclaimed “higher source”! Even if we consider it as highly improbable, what if they ARE right? Approaching the question with a scientific mind, we have to consider this possibility, however improbable it may appear to be, and we conclude that such a claim cannot be truth.

Let us reason via “” — which is often used in logic and in mathematical proofs.

The more improbable is a given phenomenon, the more information is carried by its occurrence, the more we can learn by its study.

That is why we did not dismiss the “we are you in the future” as impossible and therefore ignorable.

There remains much that can’t be verified without more data, and some seems unlikely to be verified at our current level of understanding and “Being”.

However, even those things that have not yet been verified are given a marginally higher probability of being true, based on the track record of the source, and no final conclusions are drawn until more data becomes available to make that possible.

Improbable perhaps is the right word, but there are many things that are improbable and yet happen.Instead we decided to continue the “communications” as a form of a controlled experiment in “superluminal thought transfer” — even if it was clear that the term should be considered as a tentative indication of only one out several possible interpretations.The information received from this experiment is presented in the context of broad ranging historical, scientific and other metaphysical material and offers the clues that have led to the world view and inferences presented by us in our numerous publications on this website and in print.It is “critical channeling” that discourages blind devotee-ism.The Cassiopeans themselves do not demand to be worshipped or deified in any way and, in fact, admonish against such an attitude toward them.

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All these years the process has gone through refinement and adjusting all “instruments” for higher accuracy and facilitation of better communication.

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