Dating the new testament canon

Dating the new testament canon

Tradition has it that the author of Mark was John Mark, an associate of Peter the Apostle. Also, several late second-century sources indirectly allude to John Mark's association with Peter.These claims have long been challenged by scholars, primarily because John Mark was a known Jew.

The dating of Acts is similarly vague, with its traditional dating of 80-90 CE being some time after Paul was dead and gone, and there are some who suggest the Luke-Acts we have was in response to Marcion of Sinope's teaching, meaning neither can be earlier then 120 CE.Ignatius of Antioch (98 CE) does not mention any of the four Gospels, nor the Didache nor Clement.Finally, the two earliest writings of Paul's Church, beyond his epistles, the First Epistle of Clement (c.If two or more works are said to be by the same author, then scholars compare the stylistic markers with each other, looking for inconsistencies.At this point scholars can state with a greater or lesser sense of confidence that a book was written by: Most of the New Testament books, other than Paul's writings, fall into the last category.

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Such style clues include: Level of education of the writer which is determined by grammatical accuracy, choice of vocabulary, slang or linguistic codes (yo dude vs. Elohim); knowledge of topic, area, or history (Palin's comments on the Middle East vs. Those same linguistic clues identifying multiple voices can be compared against the claimed author.

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