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Dating the era of lord ram

The Prambanan Temple is reputed as the biggest and most beautiful Hindu Temple in Indonesia, and is a group of Hindu temples locally known as Roro Jonggrang.The temple complex has three concentric square Outer square (222 x 390 meters) surrounded by a 1 meter boundary wall.The Kailash temple in Ellora was built as a dedication to Lord Shiva, the destroyer.It is a tribute to man’s greatness, even though academia have not given it its due place in our school history syllabus.It was only later that temples were made out of stones and bricks.In fact the earliest structures that indicate idol worship can be traced back to 4th or the 5th century AD.The temple was dedicated to king Kanishka of 121-151 AD.

Inscriptions from the period of the Kalinga King Anangabhima III from the 13th century are also seen in the temple.

The pagoda style temple has several masterpieces of 5th and 12th century Nepalese art. The first epigraphic evidence of Nepalese history found in the temple premises during the reign of the Licchavi King Mandeva dating back to 464 A. shows that Changu had already been established as a sacred site in the 3rd century A. Bhubaneswar the capital of Orissa is a city of temples, several of which are important from an architectural standpoint.

According to legends Changu Narayan temple existed as early as 325 A. in the time of Licchavi King Hari Datta Verma and it is one of Nepal’s richest structures historically as well as artistically. The Lingaraj temple – the largest of these is about a thousand years old.

In the grounds there is a stone pillar inscription of great importance recording the military exploits of King Man Deva who reigned from 496 A. Bhubaneswar, Konarak and Puri constitute the Golden triangle of Orissa, visited in large numbers by pilgrims and tourists.

This 180 feet high grand temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered to be the finest example of purely Hindu style of temple architecture.

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The arrangement of temples is in such a way that shorter temples lies in the outside and getting higher toward the center.

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