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Dating stoneware

Siberian X-ray style rock art, for instance, has been found near the southeastern coast of Korea, along with a range of primitive clay pots and utensils.

Korean ancient pottery improved during the era of Neolithic art (c.10,000-3,000 BCE) with the creation of flat-bottomed vessels decorated with zigzag patterns, followed by comb-pattern pottery (c.3,000 BCE).

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The unique character of Korean art lies in its understated simplicity and spontaneity, together with a feeling of harmony with nature.

Early Wedgwood works may be unmarked, but the presence of the correct mark is an indication that the piece is genuine and should allow you to determine its true age.

The practice of accepting nature as it is, led to a highly developed appreciation for the simple and the unadorned.

In wood carving, for instance, Korean sculptors favoured the unaltered beauty of the natural wood grain.

These styles may have borrowed elements from Neolithic Art in China (c.7,500-2,000 BCE), but are more likely to have been influenced by Siberian traditions.

For more chronological details, see: Pottery Timeline (26,000 BCE-1900).

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Clearer signs of China's impact on ancient art in the Korean peninsula emerged during the Bronze Age, as Korean painted wares began to come under the influence of Xia culture (c.2100-1600), Shang Dynasty art (c.1600-1050) and Zhou Dynasty art (1050-221 BCE).

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