Dating scan 10 weeks too early dating advice for women where to meet men

Dating scan 10 weeks too early

And ever since (we are now 20 weeks) the little guy has measured on target for that due date or just a few days ahead.

The only answers I came up with were that it is possible for a) a woman to ovulate later in her cycle than is normal, meaning the actual fertilization happened later and b) it's also possible to have a longer than normal cycle sometimes, which means using the date of your last period as calculation will not be accurate.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen.

This week I went in for my first OBGYN checkup because I am 8 weeks pregnant.

My periods are very irregular so I thought I may have ovulated later and the date was off, but 7 weeks didn't seem right to me because I had gotten my positive test 5 weeks prior.

He couldn't find a heartbeat, and I had to go in a week later (which was today, actually!

If you’re feeling very light-headed be sure to sit down or lie down to avoid falling down should you actually faint. Read more Usually beginning on your breasts, veins can appear a lot more visible during your pregnancy.

You may not be that happy that parts of you begin to look like a roadmap but remember these veins are playing a vital role in taking nutrients and blood to your baby.

Check out our exercise in pregnancy pages for some top tips and advice.In the first trimester, the hormone progesterone may cause your blood pressure to drop because it’s causing the walls of your blood vessels to relax.Keeping hydrated is important and doesn’t hurt to carry a snack round with you to boost your blood sugar if you feel faint.My placenta and gestational sac developed normally, which causes me to still feel pregnancy symptoms, but a problem with the chromosomes made it so the embryo couldn't develop past week 7.So I'm trying not to scare you, but it is common.

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We'll never know which it is for me, we're just glad that he's growing perfectly!

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