Dating for 2 and a half years

Dating for 2 and a half years

They are “hooking up.” This means that they can expect to be contacted when the other person is going out.

While hooking up does not always mean exclusive, it does mean that they are giving the other person some level of priority over others guys/girls they may or may not be interacting with. If there is something relevant (an inside joke, a planning matter, etc.), mid day sober texting may occur once or twice a week.

The one aspect of dating that hasn’t changed over the years is that at some point or another, real-live words must be exchanged.

Good conservations mean that the two people have a new friend at the very least.

Snapchat once again fills the void that a lack of word-filled communication leaves.

You can’t claim the other person isn’t contacting you if they send you snapchats.

Each person would willingly admit that they are “in a relationship.” To my mother, dating references a period in her life when she was casually going on real-live dates with an array of men, many of whom she was far from serious about.

For the purposes of the here and now, we will go with definition number one of dating- the definition that holds enough weight to change your Facebook relationship status. Real life interactions don’t seem to occur anymore.

Dating to me refers to two people who hang out exclusively with one another.In this world (the 21 year old college-girl one), dates are an after you’re in a committed relationship type of hang out as opposed to a preliminary to one. Meeting someone in class is unlikely because if there is a pause in the lecture, everyone’s head is glued to his/her phone.The road to being “official” is a long one, or around three months I will argue. Once you are official, your first fight will probably be over the very same selfies that brought you together. Men won’t approach you in places like coffee shops because whatever is on their computer screen is far more interesting than you are.It’s the perfect scapegoat for those who don’t feel like putting in much effort, but still wants to hold onto a hookup.Snapchat can also give an odd sense of status to two people’s interactions.

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Whether Tinder, Facebook stalking or pure chance led two people to the same bar, the bar is the playground where prospective partners meet in person.

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