Dating a guy with a kid on the way

Dating a guy with a kid on the way

And as pissed off and frustrated as you might be, you don't want to be a manipulative jerk or deceptive just to attract a woman. BUT this situation is getting old, and you really need some results - FAST!

(But hey, either one would do...)You see all those guys around you either using some kind of fake banter or clever tricks to get women, but you've either tried it and couldn't pull it off, or it's just not you and you don't even want to bother with it.

Pretty soon, if it goes un-checked, it's pretty much unstoppable.

So how do you break the downward spiral of lost sexual confidence?

The male ego says: "Keep going until she stops you!

I have spent years and years out there getting battered, deep-fried, and served up as a meal ticket in the world of dating, and there's no reason why any guy should have to go through that.This flips a switch in her head - and gets her interested and motivated to KEEP getting more sexually intimate with you - instead of shutting you down.You probably thought that this was completely opposite to the way you wanted to handle it, right?They'd never let someone walk away without buying it.They'd actually be doing their prospect a disservice by not convincing them to get one. You may have noticed that acting like that doesn't work, does it? o the guy is moving forward, hoping the woman doesn't put on the brakes...

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