Dating a greek boy

Dating a greek boy

Following a series of earthquakes, Minoan culture collapsed around 1425 BCE, and the mainland-based Mycenean art became the dominant type of Greek culture - known for its ceramic pottery, carved gemstones and glass ornaments - until about 1150 BCE, when they too were taken over - this time by invading Dorians.

After this came the Greek "Dark Ages" - a 400-year period of chaos and fighting, when little if any art was produced.

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Greek art of classical antiquity is believed to be a mixture of Egyptian, Syrian, Minoan (Crete), Mycenean and Persian cultures - which (judging by language) are themselves derived from Indo-European tribes migrating from the open steppes north of the Black Sea.

Archaic free-standing figures have the solid mass and frontal stance of Egyptian models, but their forms are more dynamic: see, for instance, the Torso of Hera (660–580, Louvre).

From about 620, the three most common statues were the standing nude youth (kouros, plural kouroi), the standing draped girl (kore, plural korai), and the seated woman.

For more about the earliest Archaic styles, see: Daedalic Greek Sculpture (650-600).

In addition, it was during the Archaic era that the Greeks began using stone for their public buildings, and started to develop their three Orders of Architecture (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian), each comprising a column, with a base, shaft, capital, and entablature with Architrave frieze, and cornice.

A rare name may be a name that is not often recognized or heard much in this day and age, and therefore rare based on a time period or historical reference.

Or rare could mean a name not often heard in the United States or other modern societies and is therefore rare based on its geographical usage.

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