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The entity in the other room, which could be a human or machine, sends back answers to the questions that are first interpreted by a human test conductor and given back to the one who wrote the questions.After several rounds of questions and conversation, the interrogator is then asked to determine whether or not he has been communicating to a machine or a person.For Turing, intelligence in this context is not evaluated in of itself, but instead as far as it relates to the subjective judgment of the individual.

Jessica provided a human face for the website, a form of branding which personalizes an online experience usually marked by anonymity.Conscious of the fact that not only am I not truly “Jessica”, but I am also not even a female, this experience raised questions about how age-old conventions of gender performance have been infused into online communication .While most customers fully trusted the fact that that blond-haired woman named Jessica was on the other end of the conversation, a small percentage doubted not only my identity, but my reality as well.The way that the customers personally related to and trusted Jessica’s authenticity consistently astounded me as I sometimes lost sight of the avatar I impersonated only to be reminded by the femininity they projected upon me.Some customers so thoroughly believed this domestication of the internet, that they contributed their only gestures of intimacy, sometimes referring to me as “Jessie” in their conversations or even as “Miss Jessica”.

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This shift from the discourse markers of corporate language and my own personal construction of phrases raises suspicion in the eyes of the customer, who frequently demanded to know if I am real before they allowed me to help them.

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