Common dating myths debunked

Common dating myths debunked

Diversity of opinions within feminism is the norm, not the exception. Yes, even feminists sometimes get things wrong, and are swiftly called out.But this process is the heart of feminist analysis, a rigorous ideal that never remains silent simply in the name of uniformity., but it's important to remember that while we may disagree on tactics, some of the best solutions for fighting the patriarchy come from this honesty of discourse and cycle of respectful disagreement.It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians." Despite countless well-reasoned arguments to the contrary, it's clear that some 25 years later, feminism still has an image problem.This isn't to say it's feminists' fault.written by Doree Lewak in which she expressed delight in being catcalled by strange men, while at the same time pointing a not-so-subtle finger at all those "unfun" feminists who keep telling her that street harassment "I realize most women with healthy self-confidence don’t court unwanted male attention. "Oh, don’t go rolling those sanctimonious eyes at me, young women of Vassar."The message is fairly simple: Feminism in this case is the sanctimonious, uptight older sister, always out to spoil everyone's fun.In 1990, , "The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women.

This newest wave of feminism is one that acknowledges a plethora of genders, both cisgender and transgender, within the two sexes.

is one of the most often-repeated lines in the history of anti-feminism.

Dating back to one or two iconic images of feminists burning bras, this stereotype has been used by men and women alike to smear the movement as emotionally driven, the same way the stereotype of the "hysterical" feminist is used.

But while there is certainly a seriousness with which feminists address issues like the abuse and murder of trans women, for example, there are a million examples of feminists who are funny as heck.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jon Stewart as much as the next person, but (oh, and Air America and activist-minded comedy group Lady Parts Justice) is one of the funniest people in America.

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Faulty logic dictates that because feminists are active and engaged in making the world equal for everyone, they want to do so at the expense of men. The fight for equal rights isn't about the hatred of men, it's about fairness and equity for everyone.

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