Chemistry com dating

Chemistry com dating

Im happy with it, sure, but its no better than the other site I use for setting up dates (We Just The scammers were all "Widowers", mushy emails to me. I said, "I would rather communicate through the website." Never heard from them again. Fraudulent website -- never been on or signed up for or and received an 'interested in you' email from The thing about Chemistry is its almost becoming a victim of its own success because you expect to find love in a short time and if you dont your disappointed! Watch out ladies, more scammers out there than real men looking for a partner. I got off e Harmony 3 yrs ago and been married for 2 years.Considering the impeccable appearance of, I can only conclude that neophyte and/or failed programmers are sent to Chemistry as penance.

And if it does, you might get text, or HTML, or some weird mixture of stuff that is unreadable.I tried to live chat with a Chemistry customer service rep about this and she rudely terminated the chat. Also the matches about 40% of the time are completely opposite my preferences. I sometimes think that Chemistry is a place where Match sends misbehaving employees as punishment, or perhaps it is just a honey pot for scammers, or maybe a place where failed web programmers are sent to work. It is, hands down, the very worst singles website in existence, if you don't count the ones that apparently are reserved for North Korean political prisoners.On any given day, I can guarantee that I will get more scam mail than real mail, most of it beginning with the phrase "txtme" or some variation thereof.I like the site a lot but its been months and im still as single as a pringle go figure! Wont diss Chemistry too much as I aint sayin its a total disapointment but still think it could be a lot better. must have hacked into e Harmony and stolen my old profile and email. Suddenly now bogus text messages started arriving from a dating site which I had never signed up for.......owned by, Chemistry will prob always be number 1 but dont be scared to see what else is available would be my advice. What crap....can't these companies be banned for fraud?

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I am equally certain that the internet connection is a 56K modem also running just a little too hot (!

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