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Item #: SCP-3101 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3101 poses an immediate danger to Foundation records management and network information, containment efforts are to be primarily directed toward communication with the entity, and long-term efforts dedicated to complete removal of the anomaly from the Foundation network.

Procedure Delta-B is to be enacted in the event of any questionable edits to Foundation documents, until a point at which it is confirmed that the source of the activity was found to be a factor other than SCP-3101 interference.

If allowed to communicate with D-class personnel, SCP-3101 will express disinterest and will be extremely slow to respond, until a point at which it becomes unresponsive to communication. Argent, and a task force guy from Lambda-12 (funnily enough) named Shaw.

MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers") are tasked with network security management relating to SCP-3101's presence in Int SCPFN remove SCP-3101 instances from Int SCPFN server banks when found. SCP-3101: i'm extremely compliant ; P SCP-3101: though even moreso if you want me to be Dr. SCP-3101: well uhhhhh you guys haven't given me a name yet but once you do I'll answer to it ;; Agent Shaw: Let me ask.

Under no circumstances are additional SCP-3101 instances to be made aware of the existence of SCP-3101-A. Description: SCP-3101 is a digital infohazard, the source of which has been traced to an file existing in [REDACTED; SEE ADDENDA]. SCP-3101: Oh uh SCP-3101: Nope, you were my first SCP-3101: You seem nice and rly organized and stuff so I just thought I'd reach out Dr. Argent: Not all are publicly available to all personnel. You don't exist in the physical world, and have no way of doing so.

Procedure Delta-B should not be performed with SCP-3101-A. It can be communicated with through any application or program with text editing capabilities, regardless of the operating system or type of device, provided said device is securely connected to Int SCPFN at the time of communication and for the duration of communication. SCP-3101: why can't you put me in a body Agent Shaw: Even if that were scientifically doable (it isn't that I know of, but it's also 'not my department', so to speak) and it somehow got approval — perhaps through a counselor or the Ethics Committee once you explain your situation — you are still talking to probably hundreds of people at once right now.

The only thing stopping it from doing so is that it happens to be nice.

Let's try to keep it that way, at least until we get things figured out.

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Please read the draft of the SCP article and let me know what you think is going on here, because we're probably going to need to get involved.

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