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Battlenet profile not updating

Airds is becoming a disaster for the NBN, most of us are going to be connected to the Southdown box, but the funny thing is Do H ripped up the phone lines during landscaping renovations over five years ago, and we are less than 50m from the green box. Hi all, Since this is Part 2 of the Campbelltown (NSW) NBN thread, be sure to check out the map we've been using to capture the locations of the NBN cabinet locations for both FTTN and FTTP.

Telstra wants 0 per house for reconnection and Do H wont pay for it, what a laugh! We are hoping that this will serve a good resource for the locations for you all here so you can guesstimate your distance from the node in the street.

Apparently I'm not the only one either so they tell me... 300m from the node (as the crow flies)My sync is 28Mbps down 6Mbps up, I'm on a 25/5 plan. SNR is 19.9d B down 18.2d B up attenuation is 21.5d B down.previous adsl2 stats: Downstream Upstream Line Coding (Trellis) On On SNR Margin (d B) 10.6 12.6Attenuation (d B) 54.5 33.5Output Power (d Bm) 0.0 12.8Attainable Rate (Kbps) 3504 540Rate (Kbps) 3167 534 Hopefully some of you might find this useful.

edit: After restarting my modem and router there doesn't seem to be any congestion. Thanks to /user/14125 I have a target of, "NBNco has estimated the service will be between 70-100mbps." "As a side note a Co-existence period will exist where both NBN & ADSL customers share the same cables you may not receive full speeds during this time due to restrictions placed on both networks to ensure compatibility" As they say, time will tell.

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

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They have a lot of teething problems with CVC when areas go live.

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