Asp net gridview rowupdating e oldvalues Free adult social porn sites

Asp net gridview rowupdating e oldvalues

To finish up then one has to set the Sql Data Source Update Parameters to the desired values. The syntax for doing so is: Protected Sub GVSupport Info_Row Updating(sender As Object, e As System. I found that simple data binding of my Drop Down List in my Grid View to my Sql Data Source was not going to be enough.

But when I try to commit changes with the update event the selectedvalue of the gridview control which is passed back to the update query doesn’t contain the parameter for the date. My stored procedure call is passed like this: exec u Legal Contract @contractstatus = N' H', @expirydate = NULL, @document = NULL, @invoicedate = NULL, @cap = NULL, @notes = NULL, @...

So this snipet thinks every field has been updated.

All I want to do is show Old Values and New Values of those that have changed. Hi, If you mean that 'b' and 's' actually have the same value, but your code is still displaying *** changed to ***, then you can try "If Not s. If b and s are actually different, but they aren't supposed to be, or aren't allowed to be, can you perhaps post the relevant source code and code-behind?

Null Reference Exception was unhandled by user code Message="Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Where am I going wrong? Hi, It is better to stop the source of the problem first instead of letting a Try..

Catch block handle it because there is a lot of overhead with throwing and catching Exceptions. New Values(x) is sometimes null, which means you cannot call To String on it, because that is where you get a null reference exception. New Values(x) is nothing first, and then you can do To String (rather than checking whether Trim(e. To String) is nothing because a null reference exception is thrown before the if condition can even be evaluated): Updating and binding control to other controls within the same row of a Grid View Hi In the Edit Template of my Grid View I show 2 Drop Down Lists.

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Requirement: 1) i want to populate a dropdownlist(ddl) in a gridview when clicking the edit button of a perticular row by using gridview events and also update the selected item of the ddl to the database.

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