Are ron and hermione dating in harry potter

Hermione and Lily are both muggle-born, and are both kind-hearted and intelligent.Ron and James aren't as easily matched, but they still have some similarities-- like their love for Quidditch and their silly sense of humor.series, then you know that the three main characters are Harry Potter and his two friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. In an interview excerpted by the UK’s Sunday Times, British author Rowling admitted that Hermione ended up with the wrong man.The trio is very close and has been through a lot together, so it’s not surprising that when the book series came to an end with the seventh book, , that two of the friends would eventually find love with each other. Check out the details here below – and obviously Spoilers for the saga, the highly intelligent, talented witch Hermione, played on screen by Emma Watson, eventually develops feelings for her friend Ron (Rupert Grint in the films), the red-headed slacker who spent a large portion of the series with an inferiority complex.It also doesn't have an exact scent, as the aroma of the potion smells different to each person, depending on what they're interested in/attracted to.For example, Harry smells a broomstick handle and a flower that might have been spotted at the Burrow while he is around the potion.

No matter what side you're on, one thing is pretty certain: there is a major debate as to whether or not Ron and Hermione should have ended up in a relationship at all. The questions remains, however, was this the right move?Hermione and Ron sometimes work great together, but other times they are simply the worst.Hermione chose what she believed to be the right decision, even if that meant not being with Ron.Her priorities were with Harry and, despite Ron wanted to leave, she made the decision to not go with him in the end.

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With his parents gone, Ron and Hermione take the place of Harry's family after he starts attending Hogwarts.

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