America american speed dating in philadelphia

America american speed dating in philadelphia

And as it happens, for the better part of a century many British citizens considered them Evil Chancellors, few more so than in British America.The American British had a somewhat distorted perception of the country's longer-term political issues due to their geographical remoteness and the Gossip Evolution that came with it."Once upon a time, in 1765, The British Empire dominated North America, having won Canada from France in the Seven Years' War.However, a series of shifting and thus unresolved issues of authority and administration met with misunderstandings, misjudgments and tragedies which led to most of the colonies of British North America forming a loose association, seceding from The Empire, and later declaring themselves the United States of America.Scotland, a less populous region, had dozens., having grown accustomed to running their own affairs via local governments meant they had no desire for such representation either.Since the signing of the Magna Carta, it had been the right of all Englishmen to be represented before the King in Parliament, through which all laws were passed and by which all taxes had to be approved.

How few of the human race have ever had any opportunity of choosing a system of government for themselves and their children!Though the British East India Company's victory over the French East India Company (with the help of royal fleets on both sides) was much more important in the long-term, Britain's sound victory in the Americas had three very important consequences there.First, the seizure and formal concession of French North America (modern Quebec) effectively removed the immediate security threat France had posed to British America.The kicker with these was that the English Dissenters often found that they had more in common religiously with these Germans and Dutchmen than with the Anglicans in charge back home; the Dutch in particular were generally Calvinist Presbyterians, agreeing with the Dissenters completely on theological matters and being only a little different ecclesiastically.Most common in northeastern colonies known as New England, these groups (collectively known as "Congregationalists") had spent nearly two centuries of mostly benign neglect developing their local political institutions.

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